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Holiday Drive-by collection for Food Banks 2020

Twas a wet and rainy First Day,
But in the Corvallis Friends Meeting House
Stacked neatly in piles
Donated food and other items 
Had been left to help brighten Other homes in our Community.

The gifts had been brought earlier by Santa’s Helpers
And neatly sorted into two stacks,
One for each the South and North Corvallis Food Banks.
The Helpers had left quietly before the big day,
And didn’t even leave footprints or crumbs.
Outside, home-made garlands decorated the rain shelters,And displayed a holiday sign 
Welcoming drive-by donations.

Santa’s Elves loaded the sleighs,
While Food Bank managers Sheila and Marian
Expressed appreciation to All the Meeting’s Elves,
Both small and tall.

Though rainy day traffic was light, Hearts were full
Thanks to the Gifts and Work contributed by All!

Fixing our sidewalk

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